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Meet theAnimals

(aka The Welcoming Committee)



Breffni is one of our two donkeys. At 21 years he is the oldest four legged resident of Trohanny Cottage. kicknamed 'the bulldozer' as if there's a bucket containing any sort of feed in sight he will crash through anyone and anything to get to it. He is very vocal and highly intelligent and i swear sometimes he's attempting to talk to me! A very special boy for many reasons.

BREFFNI 2001-2023 



Róisín is our new donkey. 

A necessary friend for Rosie since our beloved Breffni passed away.

We are still getting to know her but so far she is settling in very well.

She is only 2 and so much younger than Rosie but she is twice her size and you could be forgiven for thinking she is a mule!



Bran is our other rescue dog. A couple of years younger than Bobby yet definitely the more mature one! Very sensitive , highly intelligent and very loving. Hes's also a good little watchdog but warms to guests quickly once mammy gives him approval.

Pawdy O' Shea


Pawdy O'Shea was an unexpected addition to the family in September 2023.

He arrived into a friends shed with no apparent other family and ended up coming home in a box with us.

originally looking for a home this l'il orange fluffball won not only our hearts but very surprisingly the heart of Big Ron who has taken on his big brother role with great enthusiam!



Solas (Moynehall Mr.Sunshine) aka Big yellow pony is my Golden boy. A now 13 year old Irish Sport Horse and the apple of my eye. Another big character and definitely the boss in the field, he has been lame and out of action for a few years now but I haven't given up hope on our dreams together.



Banba is the name of an Irish Goddess (supposed to be pronounced as Banva but we say it as it's spelt!) She is the elder of our two border collie girls.

Banba had a tough start in life, she was living wild in ditches eating scraps and possibly had a litter of pups before she was captured by the pound.

To date she has been the most difficult of our rescues to deal with as she was petrified of humans and highly anxious but she is the sweetest most loving girl and though she may always find certain things overwhelmimg i feel we have found a way for her to live with us happily while still feeling free.



Rosie is our other donkey and one of the only girls in the house.  She is an absolute sweetie and a pleasure to deal with.  She was given to me by a family that were moving and she had a couple of foals before she came to us. She is very gentle and loves being groomed. She has a lot of testosterone to deal with but regardless behaves like a lady!



Bobby aka Bobby Dazzler is our wonderfully crazy jack russell terrier. He originally came into our lives as a foster from a rescue center but we couldn't give him up. As part of the 4 legged crazy crew, he is usually found chasing something..Big Ron, the horses, his tail!!

Li'l Ms Nya


Nya aka Little miss Nya is one of only two girls in our four legged family. Our little tuxedo rescue she was found in a car bonnet as a tiny kitten small enough to fit in a pocket. She is clever, sassy and though she's a brilliant mouser she is actually very gentle with the boys particularly Mr.C who adores her and carries her around like a baby.

Big Ron


Big Ron aka 'Biggie' is the poster boy of Trohanny (or so he likes to believe!)  

Another rescue, he is quite the comedian and makes us laugh on a daily basis.

Always up to mischief of some sort we like to call him 'Del boy'!

Although he never misses out on joining us for walks down the fields his favourite things are cheese and sleeping.



Jet (LHPR SuperJet) is our special little rescue cob. He may be small but he is mighty. He has a wonderful story and has made a big impression on so many people.  I've been riding Jet since Solas has been off and he has been teaching me so much.He has a beautiful soul for an animal that had such a tough start to life.



Brí (Irish for energy,pronounced Bree) one of the newest members of the welcoming committee, is as her name suggests and full of the biggest bouncy exhuberant zest for life.

The complete opposite of her shy cautious older sister she is loud, bold, and sassy but hilariously clumsy!

A big character in both her physical size and nature, loved utterly by Mr.T and sure to bring much fun and amusement to us all as she grows, I look forward to sharing the stories she will make along the way 


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