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Echoes of the Past at Trohanny Cottage

Updated: May 28, 2020

I love photos, always have for as long as I can remember. I enjoy taking them and I love looking at them particularly old photos. It's a snapshot of a moment in time that will never come back again and I love to imagine what was happening while the photo was being taken.. I suppose you could say the story behind the photo!

These photos are particularly special to the history of Trohanny Cottage. They are past members of the McMahon family, the last permanent occupants of the Cottage before myself and my late husband Joe bought it (that's a story for another day!)

The top photo shows Patrick McMahon, wife Margaret and daughter Jennie in 1950

Photo of Margaret (Farrelly) Mc Mahon 1950

The bottom photo is the exact same spot as the previous two photos and is how it looks in 2020. As you can see not a lot has changed in 70 years apart from a lack of white lace net curtain from the sash window!

Anyone that spends time in the cottage will say it has a very special feeling about it.. there are echoes of the past everywhere inside it's thick stone walls.. births, marriages, death, joy, sadness, love and loss, it has been witness to all of lifes great cycles..

I'm not religious in the institutional sense but i believe energy lives on regardless of the human body and i believe these spirits have left some of that energy within and around this wonderful old place and people pick up on it.

I can personally attest to one particular spirit that left his physical mark on every part of Trohanny Cottage and still lends his spiritual mark on a daily basis 💙💫

Top Photos from the book 'The McMahons of Trohanny' by Patrick and Eugene McMahon

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