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Henry and Winifred

This is an original photo in its original frame of my maternal great grandparents Henry and Winifred Hogan on their wedding day (Circa 1920)

What a handsome couple.

I was surprised that Winifred was dressed in what seems to me quite a plain demure outfit while Henry looks so dapper.

My Mam said white lace dresses and such, were a rarity in Ireland in those times but her outfit would have been of excellent quality as she was always well dressed.

I'd love to know the colour. I imagine it as dark green, what do you think? 💚

Both Winifred and Henry were from County Limerick my Mams County and both were from what would have been called 'good stock'.

Henry was a 'gentleman farmer' which basically means he had land and money and rode around on horses a lot.. Sounds like me (apart from the money part 😂)

They are coming to live at Trohanny Cottage now I just have to find the right spot.

They may not be impressed going from their big country house to a pre-famine thatched cottage but I'm sure they'll appreciate the underfloor heating 😉

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