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Melancholy days

No guests at the cottage until the lockdown restrictions lift so it's home schooling and indoors as it's spilling rain all day and I'm having what I call one of my 'melancholy days'!

It's those days I listen to suitable moody music, reminisce, have a cry, maybe write or draw something and take photos.. so they are often my most creative times.

Sometimes i feel we push ourselves to always feel positive, active, upbeat, happy. I don't believe that's possible to maintain but I also don't feel it's mentally healthy.

I've always been a person of many moods even as a child. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I've learnt over the years to accept myself as the wonderfully complex person I am.

Thankfully I don't suffer with Depression but like a lot of people I have low moods and dark days and struggle with anxiety at times.

I'm generally a positive upbeat person but we all have days maybe weeks where we need to retreat inside ourselves. I made the decision some time ago to stop fighting those times and to acknowledge them as a part of what makes me me!

It's a particularly tough phase for everyone now through this Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns so please be good to yourself, give yourself credit for getting through the days in whatever way you can.

Lucky for me between The Wildlings and the mini farm, I don't get too much time to dwell, but still, if that dark mood is at your door don't be afraid to let it in..

just don't feed it for too long.

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