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Somewhere under the rainbow

Caught this photo a couple of hours ago after the heaviest downpour of rain.

I had run for shelter into the stable and then peeped my head out to see the most glorious skies.

I'm don't think I'm alone in saying this whole lockdown thing feels endless and I feel like Bill Murray in groundhog day?!

Maybe you are also all feeling a bit angry at the loss of freedom, our loss of certain life choices and getting sick of the attempts at positivity memes and posts and constant false hopes that there is light at the end of this endless tunnel..?

I've been feeling a bit shite last few days and then to get a wet sock and realise my favourite pair of wellies have given up well that was just 'the straw that broke the camels back' (it's the little things!) 😩😅

But you know Mother Nature always pulls me back to Earth. It's hard to stay in one mood when the sky is ablaze with colour and the green of the grass glistens before your eyes.

So forgive me but I can't help it I'm gonna be positive penny..

This will all be ok, this will end, things will get better and we will get to the end of the rainbow eventually.

Just don't forget to appreciate the journey, no matter how difficult it can be 🌈 💚☀️

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