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Waiting for the storm to pass

Ireland is into its 10th day of Covid19 level 5 restrictions which means a second lockdown for the entire country until 1st December.

This is in the hope that we can eliminate the virus enough to keep people safe and possibly able to enjoy a close to normal Christmas.

It hasn't been easy for anyone, and for people like myself who took a leap of faith by recently leaving a stable government job of 19 years and starting a rental business it's been tough. When you rely heavily on tourism or at least national footfall this situation leaves you really stuck but I know I'm not alone.

black and white cat at front of old thatched cottage Ireland
The Queen Little Miss Nya

I have worked hard to get the cottage to a high standard. I have promoted and advertised and we have been so blessed with getting a lot of attention through photos, filming, a request to apply for Home of the year and even an interview!!

We were busy and the reviews were amazing but for now it's all stopped.

I am getting frequent requests for bookings which should be a wonderful thing only I am having to refuse them. It's really hard to say no, as apart from the monetary value I miss meeting guests and having them stay but I'm also trying to do the right thing by playing my part and of course the safety of my family is paramount.

Our house is on the same site as the cottage (just behind it) and I miss the smell of the turf when guests have the fire lit, seeing the glow of the lights on behind the shutters and the warm fuzzy feeling I get knowing the cottage is being enjoyed and bringing people the relaxation and healing it almost always delivers.

But I'm looking over the garden now at the lights off and the half door closed and it makes me a little sad.

It's a very old special building so it still needs to be kept heated and maintained especially as it's a thatched roof, but without guests that makes it difficult and I worry if things continue on for a longer period of time it will become a burden.

Don't get me wrong I have no regrets and I am blessed compared to so many others but it's such a shame that when we were finally making real headway we have to stop.

Hopefully it's only temporary and here's hoping by December 1st the half door will re-open and I will be busy pottering about and preparing my favourite space to welcome some lovely new guests.

I have so many ideas and plans that would love to put into action and share with you all.

Who knows what may happen down the line but I'm excited for the possibilities. Roll on 2021 😉🍀

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