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How to Fly

The old woman sobbed to the clouds in the sky

As she wondered aloud why she could no longer fly

She heard a strange voice but without a sound

It came from within yet somehow all around

It said to her " daughter, why do you feel so sad?"

I'm sure what it is can't be all that bad"

The old woman turned 'round to see flesh and bones

Yet there was nobody there just a wall made of stones.

So she sat by the wall and

continued to cry

And craned up her neck

Longingly to the sky

She spoke back to the voice

that was humming around

And rose up like a spring from the soft grassy ground..

"I always believed I was able to fly,

As a child I'd imagine myself up there so high,

But lately I've stopped believing its true

I spend my days saddened in all that I do"

Then the voice told her clearly

"I know what is wrong"

It continued it's humming and singing a song.

"Your soul it is heavy and burdened with sadness

The only way you can fly is to fill it with gladness"

The old woman smiled but said "I am sorry, how can I feel joy when I'm heavy with worry?"

"I have no-one to help me to take off this load and I feel so alone if the truth must be told"

Then the voice from within it said

"Close up your eyes

And raise up your arms to the blue cloudy skies

Feel the embrace of the stones at your back, they give you support for the help that you lack

Feel the ground that's underneath both of your feet,

It's holding you up while your heart keeps it's beat"

"And the air all around holds you in it's embrace

Feel the wind in your hair it's caresses your face..

You are never alone my child of the Earth

Your Mother is here

In the sky,

In the dirt

In the trees as they wave and dance in the breeze

In the rivers that flow, the birds and the bees..

I will fill you with Joy and release all your sadness, spend time in my company and rediscover your gladness"

The old woman smiled

now feeling much less forlorn

Her face became peaceful, less tired and worn

And her arms floated upwards

Her feet left the ground

And the creatures came out and they gathered around

They watched in surprise as the old woman soared

And they squeaked and they sqwaked, they neighed and they roared.

They watched her dissappear into the blue cloudy sky

And the last thing they heard as she waved them goodbye?

"Don't ever stop believing that you're able to Fly!"

Áine 🌞 2023

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1 Comment

Oct 06, 2023

What a beautiful and well written poem Aine with a fadah. Myself and my wife are looking foward to staying in the cottage soon. We just have organise our dates. We will be looking forward to meeting you and the welcoming committee.

Best wishes and Kindest Regards

Joe and Geraldine Murphy

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