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How do we keep shining when the darkness blocks the light?

When everything seems hopeless

And your flames no longer bright.

You're watching children dying and crying out in pain

Your eyes are now wide open

You'll never be the same.

But deep inside you notice

A flickering sense of hope

A brand new soul awakening

A life-saving 'Golden rope'

So take my hand and together we

shall navigate these muddy waters

Let's join our hearts in unison

Sisters, brothers, sons and daughters.

It's time we all stood up and said

we've had enough of war

and of bullies and of cowards

We've seen it all before.

Of so called leaders dictating on how our world is run

These little boys with deadly toys speaking only through a gun.

For alls not lost to evils spell

When we raise our soul vibration

The oppressed will stand together strong

A unified Love Nation.

For every single one of us has the ability as the wearer..

to be the sun that melts the ice

A fear dispelling Earth lightbearer.

For I believe

We can achieve

A world that's true and Just.

But we've got to stand up and speak our truth

It starts and ends with us.

Áine McGarry 🌞

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