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Sagittarius Moon 🌚🐴🏹

Updated: Apr 25

She was born under a Sagittarius Moon

A moon so bright and round and lustrous

An almost perfect circle.

But she spent her years thus chasing the Sun

Looking for its light alone to lead the way.

So many years knowing only heat and warmth and Summers grace

Yet knowing deep inside lay a yearning for something more

More insular, more personal,

more Congruent with herself.

One day, suddenly

The Sun disappeared.

Without warning, without a last hurrah of sunbeams

Just gone

And she was left in the dark.

The darkness had never been her friend

It brought her fear and shadows and unnamed demons that babbled rambling words and rattled strange songs round her head.

But it was all that was left

This dark and cold and whispering winds

Echoes of a lost life where the sun was her guide and her strength.

Day had turned to eternal night

She was lost and could not find her way

She felt the dark would consume her and take her very soul

The only path was rocky with treacherous incline

She stumbled and fell so many times

Over and over

Broken, worn,

tired and torn

But she kept on..

One foot in front of the other

Climbing slowly upwards

Until she heard a voice

Soft and beguiling, calling her name from out of the damp misty air.

A shape in the darkness began to form

A horse~

Black as the night from whence it was carved from

Stepped out and walked towards her.

It had wings like a large bird and eyes that gazed on her with such loving gentleness it brought her to tears.

Without thought, on instinct

She found herself on its velvet back

Legs pressed against its smooth barrel chest

Her hands seeking and finding long strands of Jet black hair.

They galloped through trees

The wind whipping and whistling

Singing songs of sadness and woe stinging her cheeks with droplets of cold rain until they rose up


Black form becoming one with the night sky

Lifting, soaring, flying

And looking down she saw only treetops and the winding path she had left only moments ago.

The black horse spoke to her

Inside her head she heard the words

"Let go my love

Let go

Let go"

She listened and so with every beat of the horses wings she found her arms lifting upwards, stretching outwards

And it was at that moment she saw it..

..The most glorious sight

Illuminating the world below

And shining its silver light

The full Moon

All shimmer and shine

And glorious magic.

From her side she drew a bow and arrow

As if it had always been there waiting for its moment to come.

She took aim at the center and pierced the moon sending with the arrow the very essence of her soul.

And from the crack

A million stars burst forth

A rainbow of glittering shimmers.

They poured down below

Upon the trees and the path

On her and her friend the horse.

And they were transformed


Black to white

To wondrous starlight

She shrieked in delight

At the glorious sight

And sang a song of truth

Echoed back in the night.

She was born under a Sagittarius Moon

But spent so many years chasing the sun.

Now she walks the paths with her horse made of stars

under the full Moon at night

Gathering up the things people don't normally see during the day

And brings it back to the light ✨️

Áine McGarry 2024🌞

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