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Stardust 🌟

I see your star on each clear night

It's the first one to appear

And when I see that star so bright

I know that you are near

Last night i asked you why you left

And why I couldn't come

You answered in your warmest voice and I listened 'till you were done

You said that on the day we met

There was a burst of shining light

And everytime we met again our sparks lit up the night

Every year when we got brighter

Our lights shone to the skies

And anyone that watched us shine

had to shield the brightness from their eyes

But in time

Mother Moon got jealous

Father Sun was in a huff

They met one eve across the sky

And agreed they'd had enough

They spoke with all the galaxies

And the stars, all shapes and size

The oldest star said "It has to end"

(and he was very wise)

So the Universe decided that the way it had to be

Is that we needed to be seperate

And so they took you far from me.

The Earth It wasn't ready for our powerful shining light

All things must be in balance

The relationship must be right

For we are made of Stardust and to that we'll all return

But ours was of such fire bright

The world would surely burn

Don't cry my love

Don't worry

Though now we shine from seperate worlds

When your light goes out upon the Earth and your spirit it unfurls

Then you can dance your way to me and we'll fit back in together

And we'll become the brightest star

Our light will shine forever 🌟

Áine McGarry 🌞


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