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The Golden Dragon

Updated: Apr 14

Flying 'cross the sky in the blink of an eye

Outstretched wings of shimmering gold.

Her body bore scars of many lives lived her songs were stories of generations old.

Many sun's light she shone to the earth

To keep it warm in the cold and the dark.

She poured out her radiance year after year but those years in time bore their mark.

The darkness became so heavy and thick like mud like she was dragged to the ground.

She lay on the Earth tired and worn

Her light extinguished

Her voice not a sound.

It felt as if she were dreaming

Her body it sank through the earth

Her shimmering scales became flowers

Her eyes could see right through the dirt.

No hell she encountered nor death's resting place

Not a Dragon's den nor a tomb.

But an underground world of flora and fauna, a mossy-green-forested womb.

From behind an oak tree in a shaft of pure light stepped out a tall antlered creature

Half human, half stag, cloven hoof and hair

But his eyes were his strangest feature.

So pure and green and shining they pierced right through her soul

Laying hands, speaking words from other worlds as he stirred an alabaster bowl.

His voice was deep and melodious and echoed through the dense trees

He told her to drink of his potion

And to lay herself back on the leaves.

For nineteen years she had stayed underground

To re-charge, to stop and to cry

But her wings they ached to soar again

Her heart it longed to fly.

Feeling strong she raised her vibration and let her spirit lift to the sky

She burst forth from the cool damp soil her wings they lifted high

So high infact she soared beyond

The clouds,

The sun,

The astenosphere

And into realms unknown to her

Where Lemurians did appear.

These shining beings they smiled so bright as she laid upon their crystal table

They filled her body up with light and gave back what they were able.

She felt so different in her skin

Bright, shining and brand new

Like a bursting well flow of thoughts

She knew what she must do

She left the higher realms of life and went back down to Earth

They needed her more than ever before

But now she knew her worth.

She shone her light and fire stronger than she'd ever done before

She filled the humans hearts with hope and strength and love and more

But all the while she knew the time of reckoning was upon us

When half the world would go to light the others stay in darkness

She knew she needed help to fight the shadows closing in

She called for help both high and low for any chance to win.

Then suddenly her stomach moved

Like an earthquake split with pain

Through her lava flew two Dragons new

Twin Dragons born from flame.

One black as Jet with rainbow hues translucent in moonlight

The other Golden like herself

Representing day and night.

Now as three they circled round and gathered all for good

Transforming many human hearts

As many as they could.

They sang their songs of the bright new world where only love could reign

Where hate and greed had no voice and no sentient being felt pain.

And the realms rejoiced together giving thanks for what they'd won

And to The Golden Dragon and her courage

In all that she had done

Áine 🌞 2024

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