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The Horse's song (In the key of C)

The 'bones' of this poem to me came to me in a dream.

Inspired by Warwick Schillers' podcast 'Journey on'

Áine 💚💫





I was sitting in silence

On an old mounting block

As the evening sun glowed

on the grassy hilltop

My horses stood round me

For I know not how long

'ere I heard a soft melody

And a singing of song

I asked what the song was

And they said to me

It's the song of the horses

In the key of C

So I slowed down my breathing

And opened my heart

And the horses in unison

Their voices did start


They sang of the Nations

That live on this Earth

And how all living things

Are all equal in worth

They sang of 6 steps that

We need to complete

For all Nations to heal

And our minds then to meet

It starts with Congruence

Being your authentic self

And leaving identity

Back on the shelf

The next steps Compassion

And caring for all

Kindness and emphathy

Breaks down any wall

They sang..

Humans just give

While expecting to gain

Yet horses stay silent

While even in pain

But once there's Compassion

You understand Consent

And you'll ask for permission

before we choose to relent

All deserve dignity and respect

That's their due,


If 'No' is not an option

then 'Yes' is not true

And this is where Communication

Is key

For how can I speak

If you're not listening to me?

So now we can go to where we

All need to be..

Connected together

And connections' the key

Finally unlocked

Our purpose revealed

The Circle of life, is love

And then we are healed


The singing then stops

My tears start to flow

And I ask of the horses

What else should I know?

They rested their heads on my shoulders and sighed.

You knew this before

When you were a child

When your soul was untouched

And your heart was still wild

You chose to stay living but your memories had died.

So embrace Mother Nature

In all of her glory

Indigenous wisdoms and your mythology story

And allow yourself feelings

Of grief and despair

Remember emotion just shows that you care

Then I opened my eyes

From this trance I awoke

And I felt the old skin I'd been wearing

Had broke

Then I knew I'd become

The truer version of me

After hearing The song of the Horses

In the key of C

Áine McGarry

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Dec 04, 2023

More chills! I am going to read this to my young grandsons when they are here for Christmas <3 oops I didn't understand the box for member or guest - I am on your facebook page, xox, Marilyn


Cori Trent
Cori Trent
Oct 05, 2023

I cried reading this. Deeply touched

my heart.


Nice! And to increase the popularity of the song, you can use YouTube promotion -


Apr 26, 2023

Áine thats so wonderful 😍


Beautiful written

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