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Big Ron

Ginger tabby cat peeking out from letterbox hole in stone pillar
Cat a pillar !!

Where do i begin with the 'tail of our Big Ron'?!

with this orange tabby ginger nut there's always something going on.

He's funny and he's clumsy but he likes to think he's cool.

He dreams of being a king one day and all the animals he'd rule.

But Big Ron has a secret he wants no body to know,

his sister has to hold his paw where-ever he might go.

He's scared of the dark, of a dog's bark and shrieks at the sign of a mouse,

our ginger puss is a ginger wuss and would rather stay in the house!

Ginger tabby cat in child's bed with duvet over him
It's been a hard day's night and i've been working like a cat!

He acts like he's a tiger when he pounces on your bed

but when he tries to roar out loud a squeak comes out instead!

You see Big Ron is a rescue cat, he was found in a Supermarket bin.

He tried to meow but could only squeak 'till someone rescued him.

The Vet said the bones in his throat were too big for a kitten,

and he would need to grow to be a giant for it to properly fit in.

So when Ron found Trohanny, he knew he'd hit the jackpot.

He was spoiled so much by everyone he grew and grew an awful lot


Cat sitting on old green chair reaching with paw to grab piece of cheese off the table in an old cottage kitchen with ingle-nook fireplace in backround
Did someone say cheese? yes please!

His love of cheese and life of ease has made his belly fat.

'Big Ron' as he is known is now a rather splendid cat.

One day he hopes to see his name in lights and how famous he will be.

"I am Ronulus Maximus" he roars, "The orange tiger of Trohanny"!

ginger tabby cat sitting on gatepost with stormy clouds and wooden gate behindd
Ronulus Maximus The orange tiger of Trohanny

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