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If you haven't heard of SuperJet or you're not a Superfan

I'm certain that you will be when you hear 'bout this l'il man.

The sweetest little hairy guy with fluffy legs and mane

His start in life was not so sweet and he went through a lot of pain

Whoever owned him did not care he had no grass to eat

and didn't know he couldn't walk on overgrown sore feet

While his belly ached with hunger and sticks hit him everywhere

he'd close his eyes and dream of flying off somewhere.

..of being a Superhero and saving peoples lives

daring feats of wonder like scary deep sea dives.

He'd brave all types of dangerous things like a flapping plastic bag

and leap over huge water fences like a majestic (hairy) stag!

He never gave up dreaming even when things were tough

he never stop believing even when life was rough

And one day he was rescued by a wonderful caring bunch

he got given the best of care and lots of food to munch

But Jet still often wondered if his dreams were really done

he always thought he'd do amazing things (whilst also having fun)

And finally they found him and brought him to Trohanny

and finally his dream came true a Superhero he could be

He went from being so scared of life and worried 'bout it all

to flying through the water a jumping a scary old stone wall

He even got to learn some snazzy dancing moves

and galloped along a sandy beach waves crashing on his hooves

So now he's known as SuperJet

and does many super things

and he doesn't even need a cape

'coz SuperJet found his wings.

You can read SuperJets full story here in an earlier blog just scroll for 'Jets story'

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Big Ron


2 comentários

15 de ago. de 2023

Omg there's horses and I saw a cat to I need to stay here.


02 de jul. de 2023

SuperJet‘s story with you is so beautiful! Made my day.

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