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The hidden place

There is no where left to hide she said

No where that we know

We cannot leave in safety now

Even then, where would we go?

Our homes are gone, our trees are burned

Our lives are left in rubble

There is no chance, there is no hope

It's all just toil and trouble.

It feels the world's forgotten us

and left us die in pain

The men in suits they have no hearts

they feel no ounce of shame.

Tell me now what shall i do

and how will I carry on?

When my mother's lies still at my feet and my father's life is gone

My brother starves

my sisters cry

I have no food or water

I'm only ten years old last month

The eldest family daughter.

The tears fell down upon my cheeks as I agreed its just not fair

But though it does not look that way

so many of us care

The people on the streets that march, the ones that speak aloud

The students that protest in peace

The flags held in the crowd

And we're trying to make a difference

and trying to break through

And you and all your people

are the reason why we do

And though we are not there with you

Our spirits' by your side

We see your pain

We feel your pain

And as we watched you cry, we cried.

Oh little one please close your eyes

and imagine

a world we'll build together

With no more war or suffering

No hate or stormy weather

Until that day we'll find a place

To take refuge from despair

We'll laugh and play and dance and sing

No worries, not a care

A hidden place of charm and grace

Where nature runs a mock

Where you'll feel as free as swallows fly

Your soul free from it's lock.

They may try to take all that you own

They may try to bend your knee

But they cannot stop your dreaming child

And they'll never own your key

Áine McGarry 🌞 2024

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