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The Horse's were there

The Horses were there 


From the day I took breath and entered this Earth

I feel like I knew that

the horses were there 

From the time I could walk through

the grass and the dirt 

I discovered with glee that 

the horses were there

Though teachers they scared me 

And nightmares did plague me

In daydreams i saw that

the horses were there

With teenage romances 

friends, music, dances 

Through all those distractions

The horses were there

I travelled to places 

Far off with strange faces yet

still found some spaces where 

The horse's were there 

When my world fell apart and loss broke my heart 

When I lay on the floor in shock and despair 

When darkness consumed me 

No sunlight could I see 

For life or for living i just didn't care

But I heard a noise from the window above me 

A low rumbling whinny from the paddock below 

And a sliver of light cast an outline I'd drawn 

All my life 

of the familiar shapes that I know.

It was then i remembered 

My life's guides and mentors 

Were standing beneath the old Ash tree

I rose from my grieving 

Shook off the dark feeling 

As I knew they were patiently waiting for me 

I realised then, whatever would be 

They would come with no judgement 

To comfort me

Always with love 

and always with care 

I knew that forever 

The horses were there 

Áine 2024 🌞

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