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The Inspired Cat

The Inspired Cat 🐈


My cat and me 

Sat down to tea 

Our bones warmed by the fire 

My friend the cat 

He said to me 

What is your hearts desire? 

I told my cat of this and that 

But what it did transpire 

Is that what I'd wish 

Is to worry less 

All worry to expire.

The cat he took a quizzical look 

And searched around for a certain book 

He found It hidden within a nook and with a long deep breath he took.

He said, now friend you have to see 

That life's not easy for you or me

But the problem is you use your brain 

Too much of that you'll go insane.

You must listen to your body talk 

And the feelings when you move or walk 

That funny feeling in your gut or the tingling happening in your foot.

The animal nation don't sit and worry 

We live in peace don't rush or hurry 

We know when real danger is around 

We smell, we feel, listen for sound.

We fight or flight 

when the time is right 

But inbetween we pause

We know that rest 

Is really best 

And those are nature's laws.

Stick with me and you will see 

How to live life in the now  

You'll worry less 

No need to guess 

For I will show you how.

So my cat and me 

Finished our tea 

Stoked the embers of the fire 

I went to bed with a restful head 

His words they did inspire 

Áine 2024 🌞

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