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Uisneach 🔥☘️

I stood on the Earth

At a sacred place

A hill in Westmeath

The most center space

The navel of Ireland

In the Kingdom of Míde

Of ancient song and tales

And ancient deed.

Where our ancestors stood

Many years before

In this place of the hearth

Between provinces four

From the Ail na Míreann

Place of Eirú's rest

They Gathered from all

North, South, East and West.

A gateway beyond to the fifth


A portal between

Where the Cat's tail unfurled.

Where the Tuatha Dé Danann

would rise from their beds

Where the horse, hare and raven

would lift up their heads

To call in the spirits for

Bealtaines return

To celebrate life

To watch winter burn.

For Lúgh has awoken from his sleep

In the Lough

And Brigid and Dagda perched high

On the rock.

The human tribes gather with torches alight

Their singing voice carries 'cross the

dark starry night.

The ground is vibrating

The energy soars

The spiritual power

The gathering roars

The chosen one puts

The spark to the pile

The flickering flames

That rise in a while.

The howling begins

The shapeshifters dance

The flames of the fire

Transport us to trance

The orange reflections in

eyeballs that glow

The shaking

The waking

Of the ground below.

This fire is first on Eirú's country

But carry your eye 'ore the old

Hawthorn tree

They now light the others from all over the land

My skin feels electric

Flames flow from my hand.

The shackles of this world

Are released from it's lock

We cry out together..




Áine McGarry 2024

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